There are lots of different ways that young people travel into college, there are also different ways that young people pay for that travel. If you are concerned about how you will be travelling into college or if you are currently finding it difficult to travel into college then get in touch using our Ask Us Anything Contact Page and we would be happy to support you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions about transport which are asked a lot:

Can I get help towards the cost of transport to college?

There is no statutory entitlement to college transport (this means that it is not the law that anyone is given support with the cost of transport) however Portsmouth council have agreed to assist the young people with special educational needs who need that assistance most. To find out if you would be one of those young people then check the local offer website or contact the transport team at the council (their contact details are also on the local offer website)

I am concerned that the bus driver will not understand my disability and the journey will be difficult

First Buses have a safe journey / better journey card scheme where you can carry a card that tells your driver a bit about any support you might need when you get on the bus in a discreet way. 
You can also contact the bus company to ask them about any concerns that you have.

First Buses


Stagecoach Buses


Can I get a personal Budget for transport?

If you have an EHC Plan then it may be possible to receive a personal budget for your transport to college as part of your plan. When you go through the process of getting an EHCP then you will have an opportunity to have your say on what should be in that plan. If you think that there should be a personal budget for transport in your plan and one isn't included then you would also have the right to appeal that decision.
To find out more about Personal Budgets check out the Local Offer Website

I receive assisted transport to college but I want to travel more independently, what can I do?

An EHC plan can be reviewed at any time if you have a good reason. You can write to the council and request that they review your EHC Plan because you wish to change the transport arrangements in it. Services like SENDIASS can help you to do this.

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