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A doctor who specialises in children’s diseases and may be responsible for the continuing care of children with special educational needs both before school entry and in special and mainstream schools.

Parent/ Carer forums

Local groups where parents of disabled children and young people can come together to discuss issues in their local area and how they would like to improve them.

Pastoral Support Plan

A plan drawn up by a school to support a child at serious risk of disaffection or exclusion. These are issued by the Multi Agency Behaviour Support (MABs).


Local areas that are testing out the different government SEND proposals. They do this by working with families and young people to find out what works best for them and sharing what they find with the government and other pathfinder areas.

Person Centred Planning

A way of planning services based on what the person using them wants and cares about.

Personal Budgets

If you are issued with a Plan, then you, as the parent carer can request a Personal Budget (money that people can use and decide themselves how to spend to pay for support).


Home-based educational support for pre-school children with special educational needs.


The extra or different help given to children with special educational needs.

‘P’ Levels

Performance levels used to assess a child who is not yet working within the National Curriculum levels of attainment.


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