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Autistic Spectrum Disorder


Being able to make your own decisions about things.


Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service


'Co' means together so 'co-write' means working together to write something. 


Commissioners are people whose job it is to decide how services for young people should look and how they should work.

EHC Plan
An Education, Health and Care Plan (sometimes called an EHCP) is a document that will set out what education, health and social support disabled young people should be receiving. 
EHCPs replace what used to be called a 'statement of special educational needs'.
To find out more go to the EHCP section of the Dynamite Website.

Someone who can give support to parents/carers, for example, by going to meetings, encouraging parents to get involved and helping them to understand systems related to special educational needs.


Independent Panel for Special Education Advice

Joined up

When services work together to plan what services people in the local area need.

Key workers

Someone who works with children and families to help them get the best education and social care services and make sure services work together.


Looked after Child

Learning difficulties

Problems or conditions which make learning harder for the individual than it is for most people.

Learning Disability Assessments

An assessment to find out if a person has learning disabilities and what support they will need to help them in school or education.

Local Authority

The local government responsible for managing services in your area – i.e. your local council.

Local Offer

A document to say what services and support are available in local areas for disabled children, young people and families.


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