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Do I Need an EHC Plan?

The Local Offer website lays out how each college can support you. If you need more support than what is listed on the Local offer website then you may need an EHC Plan.

If you are unsure whether the college can support you without an EHCP plan then talk to them and ask how they can support you without one? Here at YPIASS we would be happy to help you do this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about needing EHCPs

Does everyone with a special educational need or disability need an EHCP?

No, in fact most people with a special educational need or disability do not need an EHCP. You will only need an EHCP if the support that you need in college is extra to what is on the Local Offer.

Does everyone who had a statement, Moving on Plan or LDA automatically get an EHCP

If you have a statement of special educational needs, a moving on plan or an LDA then you can automatically be assessed for an EHCP but you do not automatically receive an EHCP. In other words you would skip stage one of the process described here and go straight to stage two.

My College have said that they don't think that I need an EHCP but I think that I do, what can I do?

You can request an EHCP yourself by writing to the Local Authority however it is best to have the support of your college if possible, in this case you may want to ask to meet with your college's learning support department to discuss why they believe that they can support you properly with their local offer provision.

Are there any criteria for having an EHCP, for example can you only have them on certain college courses?

The only criteria for having an EHCP are that you are under 25, in education (not including university) and need more support than what is available in the Local Offer provision.

I am going to university, will I still be able to use my EHCP

Universities have different procedures for supporting young people with special educational needs and disabilities so you would not have an EHCP at university. However, like colleges, universities have a legal obligation to support young people with special educational needs and/or disabilities to get the most out of their education.

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