It is important that you have the right to be in education without feeling bullied or intimidated.

Bullying can take different forms and all colleges should have a zero tolerance policy on bullying.

There is no legal definition of bullying.

However, it’s usually defined as behaviour that is:

  • repeated
  • intended to hurt someone either physically or emotionally
  • often aimed at certain groups, eg because of race, disability, religion, gender or sexual orientation

It takes many forms and can include:

  • physical violence
  • teasing
  • making threats
  • name calling
  • cyberbullying - bullying via mobile phone or online (for example, email, Facebook or instant messenger)

Your college should have its own definition of bullying.

Jade and Natalie from Anti-Bullying Alliance talk about cyberbullying. One of many forms of Bullying.

When bullying does happen we can help support you in knowing what to do. Get in touch by completing our Ask Us Anything Contact Form and we will be happy to listen to you and offer advice and support 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about bullying:

Does it still count as bullying if I am not being physically harmed?

Yes, bullying is behaviours which intend to harm people physically or emotionally.

Does it still count as bullying if it is being done by a member of staff?

Yes, bullying from staff or other pupils is unacceptable and your college should have policies in place to deal with this.

I am worried that if I say something about the bullying then it will make it worse.

Here at Dynamite we offer a confidential services. This means that if you prefer we can keep anything that you talk to us about private. The only exception to this is if we think that you or someone else is at risk of being harmed. 
College staff should also have the same policy, and should not share things that you have told them without your consent. 
However keeping things secret protects people who bully, talking to someone is always the best way to make things better.

Who do I go to to do something about bullying in college?

All college staff should be able to advise you on the best thing to do, College's often have a health and well being department who would be able to advise you on what to do?

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